Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Location location

Location, it's supposed to be everything isn't it? Well, it helps, that's for sure!

The location for the sketchcrawl of last Saturday was absolutely gorgeous. It was an old windmill in the city of Gouda that was situated near the city center. Because I didn't take many pictures last time I spent most of the morning there taking photographs.

I know I know, I was there to draw, but I'm a person who sees images everywhere and then drawing can be frustratingly slow. So, here's a little photographic impression of the beautiful city of Gouda. I'll just let the images speak for themselves.

We were allowed to climb the windmill and that's were you got the most beautiful vistas. As you can see the weather was really good as well. It had frozen in the morning (we were quite surprised by that), but the afternoon sun was pleasantly warm. It was like a perfect day.

I know you're all wondering what I drew that day and I will show you that on Friday. I just couldn't resist showing off one of our beautiful Dutch cities. Hope you enjoyed it.