Monday, October 3, 2011

Back to the atlas

After all the hard work for the tutorial, combined with a rather full schedule of work and personal things I was in big need of a break. So I took two days off at the end of last week and ended up having four days to myself with no plans and lots of rest.

It had been three weeks since I had a day to myself so it felt like I was being surrounded by incredible luxury. It felt like a holiday! ;-) Really, it doesn't take expensive vacations for me to feel like that, just lots of uninterrupted time with no obligations and no plans will do.

I did all sorts of that unimportant stuff that can be very good for the soul. I read stacks of magazines for instance. I slept really really late (and when I say really really late, I mean really REALLY late!) and then also took naps later in the day.

I did some no brainer work in the studio like cutting out images and sewing the rest of the edges for the butterfly book. It's coming along nicely by the way. I can put the book together, but still have to work out some of the details and cut out more butterflies.

I took long leasurely walks that lasted for four hours, but might have only taken me two if I hadn't spent so much time sitting on benches or just admiring views or the overload of mushrooms that always come with the fall season. Did I mention the weather was more like summer than fall? It was quite warm and very sunny.

I also worked on spreads in my atlas. After all that work on the tutorial it was a big relieve to just work for me. I decorated quite a few spreads, but most of them have not been written on yet, so I will show them to you later.

But what has been finished between my last atlas post and this one can be seen in the images on this post. I hope you enjoyed looking at them!

Well, the long weekend is over. Back to work, back to reality. It's okay. I feel much more rested and look forward to getting my hands going again in the studio. Wishing you all a wonderfully creative week!


  1. I love to read about how you enjoy the open spaces in your life. So many people rush to fill them with schedules and commitments, and the idea of you sitting on a bench somewhere, just "being," is inspiring!

  2. Jouw 'vakantiegevoel' lijkt op het mijne... ik heb ook geen actie en verre landen nodig. Een vrije dag, mooi weer, geen verplichtingen en in de namiddag een uurtje in de tuin met een glaasje wijn... mijn idee! Voor mij zit het er voorlopig niet in, en het mooie weer zal er tegen die tijd ook niet meer zijn, maar ik verheug me vast op die momenten ergens eind oktober... voor nu laaf ik me aan het kijken naar jouw journal pagina's. Prachtig Caatje!

  3. Prachtige pagina!! Geweldig zoveel tekst!

    xx Tessa

  4. Sounds like my kind of 'holiday'. love your work Caatje!

  5. I would love to see some of the spreads in the atlas before they are worked on. The way the backgrounds are bi-colored, for example, fascinates me. I have an atlas I am going to work in - a children's one. We shall see how it turns out!

  6. Thanks for your comments ladies!
    @Trece, just check my tutorial section. The first part of the easy peasy journal tutorial shows just how I did the backgrounds in the atlas. If you still have questions after that feel free to mail me or leave a comment at the tutorial.

  7. Lovely pages again. I must have missed when you posted about a butterfly book - that is something I really want to see :-)

  8. Sounds like such wonderful "downtime"...I can't even tell you how long it has been since I have slept in! (Sleeping in for me is now 7:30 am--argh!) I love doing the types of things you mention--reading magazines, cutting out images for my journal, working on project tasks that have been on my mind. I hope you feel energized as you return to work.


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