Monday, October 24, 2011

More journal spreads from the atlas

In between everything else I do (or don't do as is sometimes also the case), my journal is one steady factor that almost quietly continues.

I may sometimes feel like I'm doing nothing artsy at all, but in the meantime I still journal.

I sometimes may skip a day, I may even skip two days, but it happens rarely and when I wait too long I become grumpy and grouchy like the grinch who stole journaling.

Journaling has become second nature to me so much, that I hardly consider it anything special anymore.

But it is special of course.

Putting my journal on display helps me realize just how fortunate I am to be able to express myself through my journal.

I love the visual aspect of the images and the colors. I love the words that just flow out of my pen, straight from my mind to the page.

I'm creating a reflection of my life and in doing so I can reflect on my life.

It's a good tool to have and I'm grateful for it.