Monday, October 24, 2011

More journal spreads from the atlas

In between everything else I do (or don't do as is sometimes also the case), my journal is one steady factor that almost quietly continues.

I may sometimes feel like I'm doing nothing artsy at all, but in the meantime I still journal.

I sometimes may skip a day, I may even skip two days, but it happens rarely and when I wait too long I become grumpy and grouchy like the grinch who stole journaling.

Journaling has become second nature to me so much, that I hardly consider it anything special anymore.

But it is special of course.

Putting my journal on display helps me realize just how fortunate I am to be able to express myself through my journal.

I love the visual aspect of the images and the colors. I love the words that just flow out of my pen, straight from my mind to the page.

I'm creating a reflection of my life and in doing so I can reflect on my life.

It's a good tool to have and I'm grateful for it.


  1. Wonderful pages! Where are you getting most of your artwork? Magazines or???, I really like them.

  2. Oooooh wow.... je bent goed bezig geweest en wat heb je veel gemaakt!! Ge-wel-dig!!

    xx Tessa

  3. Fabulous pages, fabulous images on your journal pages. When you do something on a daily basis, it's amazing how quickly a body of work develops, isn't it? (Not that I know first-hand; I'm not that disciplined...yet!)

  4. Wonderful pages Caatje... art journaling is the best... I love it too :))

    Jenny x

  5. Supermooie pagina's weer! Bij die laatste: dat Paris rondom je pagina, is dat decotape of stempeltjes of ... ?

  6. @Siel: dat Paris-spul is papiertape van Cavallini & Co. Zij maken geweldig mooie papieren dingetjes. Kijk maar eens hier:

  7. Prachtig Caatje, om zo een aantal pagina's op een rij te zien. Ook bij mij is het journalen een 'must' - zoals vroeger mijn dagboek dat was. Ik merk alleen dat ik veel minder schrijf vanwege ruimtegebrek (en niet genoeg rust om me heen, dat ook...) (- misschien om te beginnen volgend jaar grotere pagina's inbinden?)

  8. I love your journal pages Caatje! I think I know what you mean. I have to journal, and I have to colour and "decorate" my pages. It doesn't always feel very special to me when I'm making them, but they sure do when I look back on them.

  9. oh I love your beautiful journal pages. It is amazing how the days add up and before you know it, time has flown by


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