Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What are you up to Wednesday - part 29 (woyww126)

I've been a lazy artsy girl in the past week and not much got done. I prefer to work in my studio every night, but it seems that the more I don't get around to it the less I feel like it. But tonight (as I write this) I am in the studio again, so things are turning around. Also it doesn't mean I don't do anything at all, it's just a lot less than usual and it makes me a little cranky! ;-)

First, here's the downstairs table. Everytime I write about my different tables and work spaces I get this sense of being really spoiled, but in a good way. It really is my ambition to turn my entire house into a studio and I'm well on the way to that, haha.

On the downstairs table, also dubbed the art journaling station, is the latest spread of my altered atlas that I finished this morning before going to work. Somebody asked me what all those little flasks on the side were, well, they are little bottles of acrylic paint. Maybe I should do a tour of my work tables and show off my artsy stash sometime. ;-)

The studio table upstairs is not much changed, but I figured I'd take a wider shot so you could see the entire table instead of a detail. Here's what's on there now:

Yup, it's still the same drawing as last week. The difference being that this time it's completely colored in. It's not done yet though. It needs more details and shading and things like that, but I do like the look of these big pink flowers. I did another inktense drawing in my other sketchbook. I will show both of them when they are fully finished.

Now I may not have been as artsy as I like over the past week, but I do have some great plans for the weekend, even if they are more of a materialistic nature. In the city of Utrecht there is an annual fair for hobby/artsy/scrap supplies called Kreadoe (Dutch people, am I the only one who cringes at the name of this fair? I mean really, who came up with this ridiculous name?) and me and my oldest sister have a standing arrangement of going there every year.  We don't have to plan it beforehand or anything, we just know we are going. It's a little sisterly tradition.

This means I will have the opportunity to go through hundreds of stalls with the most beautiful papers, paints, decorative elements, markers, tools, beads, fabrics, etcetera etcetera, and score some gorgeous stuff for my ever growing stash of supplies. The visit to this fair is my annual splurge feast where I may buy things not only because I will definitely use them, but simply because I like them. I save coins all the year round so I have some spending money on this day. I really look forward to it!

Hope you all have something fun to look forward to and are having a very artsy Wednesday!


  1. Yes, yes take us around your bits and pieces yes! I love workspace tours and I'm really intrigued by your spaces, thanks for sharing Jennibellie x

  2. Have a blast with your sister...lucky, lucky you!

  3. If you take over the whole house I will too... we can lead the assault!! Great page and great to see what you are up to xx

  4. Kreadoe sounds like a whole lotta fun!! Hope you and your sister have a great time - enjoy spending your cash :)
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  5. Nee hoor, je bent de enige niet die de naam 'Kreadoe' maar niets vindt... ik wens je heel veel plezier dit weekend! Ik zal er niet zijn, want ga mijn zoon verhuizen... iets totaal anders aan mijn hoofd dus!

  6. Die pagina is weer super, en je tafel, maar ook de tekening in dat boekje: helemaal geweldig!! :-) (leuk kleed ook!)

    xx Tessa

  7. Thanks for the peek at your space this week, just sorry I can't stay longer! Hope the rest of the week goes well for you.

  8. Thanks for the peep at your journal - beautiful page and so inspiring. I bought a notebook and have gessoed the covers ready for my fist art journal but that is as far as I have got.

  9. Great work spaces, Caatje! Have a great time at the art/craft fair. I hope you will share photos of the event, and of all the good things you buy!

  10. How lovely to have two studio tables/work spaces!

    Enjoy the fair! Sounds like a beauty.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a wonderful comment.

    Wishing you a productive week, can't wait to see your desk next Wednesday!

    Tracey xx #22

  11. I always love to take little tours of other artist's creative spaces!

    ....that Fair sounds beyond dreamy, too!!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and checking out what I've been up to :)

  12. you may turn your whole house into a studio,but, you will still work in a very small area the size of A4 paper, it's the only way
    have fun at your fair
    thanks for sharing love your journal page

  13. Looking forward to seeing all your lovely purchases - have a wonderful time :-)

  14. Oh, I am going to miss this year (again) because I have to take care of my daughter's dog while she is going to the KreaDoe!

    Curious about what you find in Utrecht!

  15. Oh lucky you!!! I have a tiny little box room, well until Eldest lad moves out, then youngest is moving in here and I am having the front bedroom yippee!!

  16. Such wonderful journal pages, thank you for sharing.
    I really enjoyed peeking into your "craft space" what fun. :]

  17. alleen al door de naam Kreadoe wil ik er niet heen;) hoop dat je met een gevulde tas en niet al te lege portemonnaie terug komt...

  18. ja verschrikkelijk...Kreadoe

    net zoiets als creabea

    ach it,s NOT in the name


  19. Your goal of turning the whole house into an art space is just great! I'm doing the same thing, although I'm not sure it's voluntary of everyone's part!

  20. Oh I hope you had a fab time at the fair - however silly the name! I'm excited to see if it inspired you further! LOVE the coloured in flowers, it's really nice to see the work emerge week by week!


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