Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 9

After weeks and weeks of tag sheets and border sheets and drawing and coloring things in with gouache, I felt an unstoppable need for mixed media! Who can blame me? Doing the 'same thing' for a long time makes you long for something different and I wanted to get my hands dirty again. Well...mission accomplished! Just look how full and messy my work table is right now!

I put up my very much loved drawing board and started a mixed media piece on acrylic paper. It's pretty much finished. I may add a few details tonight, but it doesn't need much more.  I worked on it for the past couple of nights and I will show it to you up close probably some time next week.  For now I think you can see it's a very colorful piece! ;-)

As for the drawing board, I love using it to tape on paper I am working on or not so big canvasses. It's both practical and impractical. Working on it is practical, because you can put it in the exact right angle to have a good overview of what you're doing. Working around it is impractical, because it's so big it kind of blocks my view of the rest of the table. Still, I keep using it for the practical aspects ;-)

Downstairs at my art journaling table the situation is like this:

The roses journal is finished and my next journal ROD journal! If you don't remember this one, just check out this post I did in january.  I'm still very proud of it.
I had intended to use it as a vessel for the exercises from Liz Lamoreux book 'Inner Excavation', but somehow I just never got to doing that. (So many plans so little time.) So now it will be my next everyday journal. I just started it last saturday, so there's not much to see yet, but here's the spread from this morning and yesterday.

The decorative paper is challenging to write on, because you need something that really stands out on it in order to be able to read it and I like to be able to read my own writing. So this is also a good opportunity to experiment with pens and markers and see how they respond to different papers.

Peeking out behind the card on the left is an illustration by the 'silly' Carla Sonheim. I saw it on her flickr and just fell in love with it. You can see the full illustration here. The image is pasted on a print of a blog post by Ricë Freeman Zachery about creativity and what it is and what it is not. Everybody should read this and can do so over at her blog.

That's it for this wednesday. I hope you're all having a wonderfully creative week!


  1. Love that drawing board that tilts up for you, and I'm looking forward to getting a closer look at the piece you are working on. I didn't realize you had an entire separate "art journal station"--that's awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. @Andria. Yes I am totally spoiled. I did a little make over of my dining table a few months ago and turned it into a journaling station. I blogged about it too:

    I now have a studio + a seperate sewing room upstairs (there's a post about that also: ) and an art journaling station downstairs. I am turning my entire house into an artsy paradise! ;-)

  3. Ooo I hope we get to see the piece on your drawing board soon, it looks wonderful!

  4. Love your work Caatje, your bright journaling station. I now live in Southern California, but once lived in Holland, in Utrecht, for almost 10 years, I loved it. I've been to Friesland. It's so nice to connect to people this way...through sharing a piece of the earth, art making, and humanity.

  5. Artsy paradise, indeed! I will check out those posts about your spaces. I am slowly, slyly taking over more spaces around the house, too!

  6. Je nieuwe journal ziet er nu al geweldig uit!

  7. Great photos of your studio!
    Your journal pages are amazing!
    I LOVE working in mixed-media, too.

    So glad I found you through the miz kate dot com Artist blog hop!
    I am your newest blog follower. :)
    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!

    I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!

    Mary C. Nasser


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