Monday, May 23, 2011

Art connects hearts

Well, here it is, the mixed media piece I was working on during my last what-are-you-up-to post!

By the way, I seriously need to look into the art of photographing art, because when it comes to the bigger pieces it's so difficult to get them right. I tried photographing this piece in all sorts of ways, but it kept warping and trying to amend it in an editing program only seems to make it worse (the outline becomes straight, but the picture is all wrong then). The one I'm showing you now, was done with the piece lying on the floor and me standing over it with my camera. It's the best one I could do and trust me when I say, it's a huge improvement on the others. Oh well...

As you can see this is a mixed media piece with lots of layers (I loves me layers). Lots of different materials were used: neocolor mixed with gesso, acrylic paint, gel medium, several stencils and foam stamps, decorative papers, some rubber stamps, stazon ink, drawing pens, markers etc. I love doing these kinds of works, because it's so playful to just put layer upon layer and watch something grow. It's fun!

The sentiment on it is true for me too - art connects hearts. It's wonderful to meet kindred spirits when it comes to making art or the love of art, whether it be in person or online. Although I'm a bit of a loner (did I say 'a bit'? insert sarcastic laughter right here!) I do love the connections we can make through the internet and through artsy events or just by spending time with someone who understands what you do and why the hell you spend so much time and energy on something like this that has no purpose but to make you deliriously happy. So, in a way, this one is for all of you!