Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 8

It's wednesday again! Time goes so fast it feels like I just did this yesterday ;-) Let's see what I'm up to!

First of all a view of my work table. I am working on the second border sheet and started coloring it in. Because I have only colored in a small part of the sheet it has started to warp at the top, but we'll fix that later.

As you can see my childhood toy from my EDM drawing challenges is still sitting there. He's been sitting there since last friday. I just keep forgetting to put him back where he came from. But it looks kinda cosy this way, doesn't it?Maybe I'll just keep him around in the studio.

I am also working on the atlas. All it's pages are gesso'd and now I am adding some color with gouache and watered down acrylics (the watering down is to prevent sticking). Here's the last spread I did so far: 

It's gouache in several colors both painted and splattered on. As you can see the maps underneath make it look really nice. Now that I am doing these backgrounds again I am thinking about maybe doing a tutorial on them. It's really cool the effects you can get when you put watercolor or gouache over gesso. Because the gesso doesn't absorb it so easily you have time to manipulate the paint.

And here is the current state my journaling station. I don't show it that often, but as you can see it has accumulated a lot more art supplies. I am so spoiled!

The Roses Journal is almost full! I think two or three more spreads and it's on to the next one. No idea what kind of journal that will be yet. This photo album has gotten pretty thick though and I really enjoy working in it.

The above spread was done this morning and it's basically writing and a selection of the japanese masking tapes that I received through Etsy yesterday. Ooh, those tapes are so lovely! Now of course I want even more! Will the need for more art supplies ever stop? ;-)