Friday, May 6, 2011

Three freebies and a birthday card

I'm having a fabulous four days off work and I am taking some extra time in the studio. With this I am also finding out I am not one of those people that can work in the studio all day long. It doesn't matter what I do or how much I like it, after about four hours I just get fed up with it. This means I was rather cranky when I left my studio last nigh after a full days work and I won't be doing that again this weekend. Looks like I need variety even when it comes to the stuff I love.

So today I am alternating between studio time, reading time and going for a walk (not in that order by the way).
I have four things to share with you, well actually three things you may share and one I guess won't do you much good, because it has a person's name on it and unless you happen to have a friend named Tonny who's birthday is coming up you won't have much use for the birthday card I made her ;-)

Let's get to the freebies first. Here are two more tag sheets for you to use. Again they are handdrawn and colored in with gouache. I let go of the felt tip pens, because after I left one of the previous ones out in the sun for only a short while the pink already started to fade and that's no good! So it's all gouache from now on.

The first one is my least favorite of all of them so far. I don't know. It just didn't do what I wanted it to and I simply didn't feel inspired by it. But I guess it's still kind of colorful and I will use it for my self made journal.

The next one I really really like. I went to some softer colors by mixing the gouache with a little more water and I like the theme of flowers that I put in the labels.

After all these labels (I made four sheets in total as you may recall) it was high time for some other elements, so I started thinking about what else I could do and it hit me: borders! So here's my very first border sheet! These were such fun to make!

If you want to use these sheets in your art feel free to do so. You can click on the pictures and it will take you to my flickr where you can download them in various sizes including the 300 dpi original. You don't have to tell me if you use them, but it would sure make my day if you did ;-)

And here's the promised birthday card:

There they are again: my little houses! I made this card as a kind of try out for maybe making more cards in the future. I am really falling in love with this handdrawn stuff that I can color in with gouache. It's almost like meditation. The only 'bad' thing about it is the time it takes to fill in all those little details, but I guess that's why it feels like meditation too, haha.

I am currently working on a second border sheet, where the borders will be longer and of course those will become a freebie too. After that I think I will have enough to start putting the book together. I can't wait!

I hope you enjoy my freebies, if only just looking at them. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!