Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What are you up to wednesday - part 7

Whenever I take a picture of my worktable for what are you up to wednesday, it feels like nothing has changed even though I have been working really hard. The point is I've been working on the same kind of thing for a while now, which is tag/label sheets for my selfmade journal project. I have now finished four sheets of them and I am working on a sheet of borders.

I just finished drawing it and  have colored in just a small part of the sheet. On the left you can see the two sheets of labels I did before the current sheet. I will put these up as freebies on friday and I hope to have finished the border sheet then too.

It's very relaxing to make these sheets and I may be getting a little addicted to doing them. They are just simple pen drawings that I fill in with gouache. While I work on them I listen to podcasts of interviews with artists by Ricë Freeman Zachery. It's a good way to spend my studio time!

On a different note: remember my little houses? I have gotten several responses from people who have done stuff with my tutorial and just today I received a mail from Andria who did her own houses in her journal after mine. It's so cool that  people are inspired by them, so check out this post on her blog if only because she praises me to kingdom come which is very good for my oversensitive ego ;-) Thank you Andria!

On a second different note: the may drawing practice is on it's way. I have made three drawings already! I will show them in one of my future posts. I know that there are people out there who, when they do a daily project, post every day, but I just don't have the time. You will see them all though, promise (I'm not sure I'm doing you a favor when I say that, haha).

On a third different note: the atlas I am preparing to become a journal has now been fully gesso'd. Now I can add some color to it's pages. I am taking a free journaling workshop by Roz Stendahl through the Strathmore site. I may have said this before: Roz is my hero, so I could not resist a free workshop by her and the atlas will be perfect for trying some of her tips in. You may want to check it out yourself. It's over here. There are other free journaling workshops over there too. Have fun!