Monday, May 16, 2011

Second border sheet freebie

It's been a busy couple of days since I posted last wednesday and not much of them was spent on art. But I did manage to finish my second border sheet so at least there's a little freebie for you all to enjoy.

Just click on the picture and you will go to my flickr where you can download the image in different sizes including a 300 dpi original.

This is the last of the series that I made for the handmade book I'm going to do. Again feel free to use these borders in your art or journal. Teri of the blissfully art journaling group I'm a part of suggested making decorative tapes out of these borders and I think that's a very cool idea. You could print them on clear label sheets or sticker paper for instance and just use them to embellish envelopes or packages.

For my book I will be printing them on watercolor paper to make them nice and sturdy and stitch them onto the pages. I will do the same with the labels and tags I made.  I think for now however I want to take a little break from this project and maybe get my acrylics out tonight and do something different.

I'm also planning to do more hand drawn sheets. I have made a whole list of  possible subjects for these and they would keep me busy forever, but it's good to have ideas on the back burner for later. My idea is to do collage sheets that will also be freebies, but I have no idea when I will get around to that, I will keep you posted on this blog though. For now I hope you enjoyed what I made so far. Let me know if you use any of it, 'cause it makes me happy ;-)