Monday, May 9, 2011

Drawing in May

My new "30 minute studio warm up project" is on its way. I have been lucky that of the eight days that May has counted so far I was able to be in my studio for six. So I have six drawings to share from my watercolor sketchbook!

EDM #1 - Draw a shoe
Drawing is quite challenging for me. I'm no star at it and I find I only moderately enjoy it. That is to say: I don't really like drawing from life all that much. I don't hate it either, otherwise of course I would not give myself this challenge, but it's a little like doing homework.

EDM #2 - Draw a lamp
The funny thing is that I feel as if I should like it more. I'm in total awe of people who sketch their lives, their environments and just practice this skill over and over. When I see other people's sketchbooks I want that too. And what I do like about this little May-challenge is that I document every day objects from my life that have never been documented.

EDM #3 - Draw a wallet
 I mean, really, who takes pictures of their wallet? Or their desk lamp? Hmmm, now that I am considering this an idea pops into my head for a photographic challenge. Maybe one day I should do the EDM challenges differently, with photographs! Ooh, I have to write that one down in my notebook! ;-)

EDM #4 - Draw a cup
 When it comes to drawing what I mostly like is drawing things just for the fun of it. Things that are in my head and just make me smile. Like the freebie label sheets or my little houses. Maybe this also has to do with a lack of pressure in that it does not have to look like anything. Nobody's gonna look at my little houses and say: Hey those aren't up to building regulations! ;-) I guess I like my art as stress free as possible!

EDM #5 - Draw your bed
Still, this May drawing is a good practice and I am learning a little. The biggest thing I'm learning is that the things that look easiest to draw are actually the hardest. This really surprises me over and over again. For instance I thought my desk lamp and the cup with built in teapot would be super easy, but they are just impossible! I couldn't get them right at all. Very frustrating indeed!

EDM #6 - Draw a childhood toy
I've come to think this is because simple lines have to be caught just right or you will just get a wonky drawing. Whereas more complicated and curvy lines are much  more forgiving. Who's gonna tell if my wallet does not bend exactly that way and has some more thread hanging out of it?

All in all, this is an interesting experiment, but I don't think I will ever by an accomplished live drawer. I'll pick the make believe stuff any time. Hope you enjoyed looking at these anyway ;-)