Monday, August 2, 2010

Some work in progress finished

About ten days ago I showed you three spreads that I was working on in my ALMBH journal. Two of them are now finished. I am only moderately pleased with them, but that's mostly because I liked them so much without the journaling. I do not feel I improved on their overall impression. Sigh...

This first one is about life as a dance or a game. I had already started a little journaling when I first posted these pages. I also added some ribbon. I am absolutely in love with all sorts of ribbon and lace and I love putting it in my art. I guess with these pages I am trying to tell myself not to take life too seriously ;-) A thing that's always easier said than done by the way.

I like this one better than the previous one, although I think I should have done my writing in black instead of blue so it would stand out more. A lesson for next time. I like what I did to the girl's face and I loved using the tape right across the page that says "I love you". This spread is kind of a remix of the sentiment on the previous spread and I also added some writing on how one can be too busy with being 'special' or 'different' instead of just enjoying the normalcy of what you are.

It's kind of interesting how some art can leave you a little bit deflated. That happened to me after finishing these spreads where I simply expected way too much. But other art can just pleasantly surprise you like the colorful work I did on paper last week. I definitely want to explore that colorful nonsense a little further, it was more play than anything else. This kind of proves what I am trying to say on the above journal spreads: I should not take my art or my life too seriously, nothing good can come from it, haha! ;-)

Still, a little disappointing art is always better than no art at all!