Monday, August 9, 2010

Whatever happened to...?

Whatever happened to.... the trilogy?

Well, it's still standing! I just haven't worked on it much. The 'problem' is that I cannot deliver it to its destination (my niece) until half of september when I will probably go visit my sister for her birthday. My intention is to have the trilogy ready then. The problem with me is that this still means that I have more than a month to go before it has to be finished and when I am so full of ideas as I am these days I tend to give priority to other things. But...dear niece...if you're reading this: I promise it will be done half september! To give you just a little look of its current state:

I have been sketching the trees on the canvasses. I used silvercolored neocolor crayons for this. These crayons are watersoluble and will blend well with the silver paint that will go over the sketches. So the trees will turn silver first. Right now you can still see right through them to the background, but that will not be the case after I am done with them. Here's my plan: after the silver paint I will put on a layer of crackle medium. After that comes a layer of buff titan (this is a very off white or very light beige color depending how you look at it). The crackle medium will crack open the white paint and the silver paint underneath will show through these cracks. I have tried this on other pieces and it gives a lovely structure to the trees. What happens after that is still a surprise ;-)

Here's a little close up of the current sketches:

The trees kind of look like tree ghosts right now, haha! But all will be okay, yes it will! ;-)

Whatever happened to.....the second signature journal?

Had a bit of a drama with that one. I have shown the start of it here on this blog. I had finished the cover and the first spread and I had already collaged the rest of the spreads and it was looking pretty good in my humble opinion. cats thought it would be a great idea to knock over a canister of water all over my work table. It went right over the journal! I was not in the room when it happened so the water had some time to really work it's way in. The thing was soaked, the pages stuck together and some of the images are now torn. The damage is within limits and can probably be fixed or covered up, but I was so bummed out by it that I have put it aside for now and have not found the courage yet to pick it back up. Maybe I should just gesso over it and start again instead. I don't know. For now I'll just leave it until the regret over this mishap is gone.

There, that's all my loose ends for today. Let's get some dinner and then...make some art again!