Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have always had a hard time choosing. There's a spoiled child inside me who just DOES NOT WANT TO CHOOSE! I am easily bored with just one thing, I need lots and lots of variety. That's probably why I like working on things that are reasonably small and can get done within a limited amount of time. It's probably also why I have so much trouble with bigger projects like the trilogy. Not because they are hard to do, but because they are big to do ;-)

This thing also comes up when it comes to the art forms I like. I cannot just stick with drawing for instance or just paint. I will never be a master who is so skilled in one subject that no one can surpass her. That's just not my way of working. I like things to be broad, wide, full of options and differences. This is why I like so many art forms and why mixed media and art journaling are like a gift from the heavens for me, because what other art form combines my love of so many things onto one small surface? Anything goes. My preference above all preferences is choice itself.

When it comes to artsy expressions there is almost nothing I do not like as long as it's either 2D or the written word. For some reason I cannot do 3D or moving images. I love looking at sculptures and video's, but there is no attraction for me in making them whatsoever. A couple of months ago I took a sculpting workshop and even though it was an interesting experience I knew immediately that is was not my thing.
But other than that: drawing, painting, writing, poetry, collage, mixed media, art journaling, written journaling. You name it, I have done it and still do it.

One of my many loves is photography. I am by no means a great photographer and when it comes down to the technical stuff I know next to nothing. However I do seem to have that one thing that makes my pictures turn out alright despite of that: I have an eye for composition and lines. I can hardly call this a skill, it's a simple fact. To me the picture is already there and all I have to do is click the camera button. That's why I don't really consider my photographs art at all, just pictures. But hey, the result can be artsy anyway ;-)

My favorite subjects are landscapes and details/lines that turn a picture almost into an abstract. The pictures in this post are an example of the latter. They were taken about a week ago on board a big sail ship. We went on a small sailing trip south of the island with a big group of coworkers. I took many portraits as well, but for privacy reasons will not show those to you, you'll just have to take my word for it that they turned out nicely.

I especially like the ones of the sails contrasting with the clear blue sky. Those lines, aaah, I'm just in love with them. Please don't ask me to explain, you either get it or you don't ;-)

I put more of these pictures up on my fotothing (where I keep my nicest photographs for all to see), so if you want to see more you can check there, just click here. Enjoy!