Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More play and some leftovers

The journal art I showed yesterday really got me going and of course I had to make more! So yesterday I got out a second sheet of paper and put another piece together.

Can you guess that I like bright colors? ;-)
I again used many different materials but the coolest thing to me is the red heart. It is a colorcopy on watercolor paper of a wooden heart that was once a gift with purchase of a home decorating magazine. My first idea was to use the wooden heart itself on the piece, which looked really good. But then I got to thinking that maybe I would like to frame this paper one day and then the thickness of the wood would get in the way. So I decided to colorcopy it. My plan is now to sometime in the future make a similar style work on canvas and then use the original wooden heart on that. 'Real' things do add something extra to a piece of art I think.

Just now as I was clearing up my worktable again from all the remains of these two paper works I found some left over collage material that I had taken out to use, but didn't. They were just a book page, a cut rose and a cut butterfly and for some reason I felt the need to put them together to form a very small collage that I will probably paste in one of my journals.

I added some lettering and crayon and that was that. It's very simple and I don't even know if one could call it art, but I like how you can put some scraps together and still come up with something that's nice to look at. Better than throwing it away!

A special shout out to my tenth follower! I feel so silly saying this, but just one of you is a complete miracle to me. Thanks so much for liking my blog (that also goes for those who respond outside of the blog). It helps to know there's a small group of people that I am not boring to death with my artsy ramblings ;-) I may not respond to a lot of blogs, but I love looking at other artsy blogs myself.

PS: it may interest you to know that the book page in the 'left over' piece is from the memoirs of Casanova! Very apt I think!