Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More journal pages

I finished the last of the three spreads I showed as works in progress a while ago. It's interesting how I get these positive responses on the other two spreads I showed yesterday. This just proves to me what I have known for a while: that what we think of our own art has very little to do with what others will think of it. This is simply because we were there for the whole process and all the thoughts and feelings that went with it and the onlooker just sees the finished product or some stages. Even if one were to show the entire making of a spread on youtube, you still would not be able to get inside the head of the artist. I am really fascinated by this idea of onlooker versus artist and how they perceive the work that was made.

Anyway, here's the finished spread:

I like this one the best of the three that I did in this Kelly Kilmer style. It is, just like the other two by the way, not based on any of the prompts that she gave in her online class. It is simply about the thing that is always the hardest for me and that is to surrender to life and whatever it brings. They say you should know the difference between the stuff you cannot change and the stuff you can change and only put your energy in the latter. But...the stuff I cannot change is exactly what drives me up the wall and makes me mad as hell! Well, I never said I was sane. ;-)

After I finished this spread I had a little fun with one of the prompts Kelly did give. For those following the class: it is prompt 13 (no, I am not doing them in the correct order). This is a childhood memory and it shows a not so pleasant part of my personality:

It's about me kicking a little child and not feeling guilty about it at all. In my defence: I was six or seven at the time and the kid was a pain in the ass who just wouldn't let up. He suffered no permanent damage by the way, but I may have wished it upon him at the time. ;-) I am by no means a physically violent person, so the memory has stayed with me all my life.

Apart from the subject I really enjoyed using paint in my journal again. It's a very simple page. The picture of the naughty little boy I found on the internet by searching for...yes...'naughty boy'. As expected these key words also brought on some erotic stuff (of mostly naughty girls by the way, go figure), which made me laugh. Sometimes the internet is just so predictable!