Friday, February 1, 2019

Texel - the short version

Well hello my blogsy people! I am back from my weeklong trip to Texel and have slowly been settling back into my own island. I started my job again and now I am also back on the blog. Life is getting back to normal. It always takes me a few days to get back on track.

I had an absolutely lovely time with many many walking kilometers and many shorter and longer stops to take pictures. I walked a long distance path that is set out there and goes all around the island. Texel is the biggest of the Dutch Wadden Sea Islands, and since  I'm not a long distance walker, I wasn't sure if I would make the entire round in the six days I was there. And it turns out I didn't, but not for the distance, but because one day was a snow day! So I cut some kilometers off halfway and a few at the end. Those will be for another day.

Anyway, I took five medium long walks (averaging at about 15 kilometers, sometimes a bit less, sometimes a bit more). Like I said I don't do long distance. I am not a fast walker to begin with. Also I take smaller steps than the average person, so it takes me more steps than most to fill a kilometer if you know what I mean. And then of course there is the photography which makes me stop over and over again, so it's slow going anyway.

But I love being outdoors and moving around the beautiful landscape that this neighbouring island of ours has. Also I love winter and there was plenty of that too. Both the sunny cool crystal clear kind as the snowy and freezing cold kind. Where a lot of people can't wait for winter to be over it is the season I feel most energetic and love to be outside, so perfect for walking.

In this post I will give you a little summary of my week on Texel.

Basically I made a little postcard everyday on my phone and  posted it on Facebook and Instagram, so you are now getting these postcards in one go. Hope you enjoy.

Day one was all about travel, getting to Texel and my nice apartment. I did have time for a short beach walk as well.

Day two - First  walk - From 't Horntje to Jan van Ayeslag

Day three - Second walk - From Jan van Ayeslag to De Koog (where I was staying).

Day four - Third walk - From De Koog to the lighthouse at De Cocksdorp.

Day five - Snow Day! I visited Den Burg for some shopping.

Day six - Fourth walk - From Prins Hendrik to Dijkmanshuizen, along Oost and Oosterend.

Day seven - Fifth walk - From Dijkmanshuizen to Den Burg, along harbour town Oudeschild.

The first three walks covered the westside of the island which is a national park and full of beautiful nature, beaches, dunes and forest. The weather during those walks was perfect, cold but sunny and bright.
The other two walks were after the snow and the weather had turned very cold with icy winds and a gray atmosphere. The west is very flat and there is also a very long dyke along the westside to protect the island from flooding. The change of scenery combined with the change of weather almost makes it feel like I walked two different islands. Both beautiful though!

While the above pictures were taken with my phone I of course also brought my camera on my walks and I will have a post for every walk to show my favourite pictures. So my next five  posts will be all about walking Texel. I hope you will enjoy walking with me!

For now I wish you all a wonderful and artsy day.