Sunday, February 17, 2019

Texel in five walks - Fourth walk

After a day of snow and rest both the weather and the landscape changed. From mostly sunny frosty weather and national park views I came to walk in icy winds and flat fields and along dykes and small towns.

Because of the snow day I skipped a part after the light house and started my walk a bit more south at Prins Hendrik, which is basically a spot right behind the dyke in the middle of nowhere. I walked either along or parallel to that dyke southwards along towns called Oost and Oosterend onto  Dijkmanshuizen, which is basically exactly like Prins Hendrik, but more south.

Here's an impression of that walk:

A bit further down this road near that building is where my walk started.

Walking on the outside of the dyke with the ice cold wind in your face cold!

This is the town called Oost.

Huge flocks of geese kept going up and settling down again.

And this is Oosterend, I had the best piece of apple pie in my life in a lovely pub in this town.

This is a new piece of dyke away from the old one which left an interesting landscape with several ponds.

At the back you see the old dyke and on the right the new one.

As a little bonus I also  have a video that I made that day of the flying geese around one of the sheds in the fields. The video mostly only captures the sound the geese make with their beaks/throats, but in real life it was the sound of their wings that was breathtakingly beautiful. I wish I could have captured that better.

I think of all days this one was the most desolate and gray. But I like desolate and gray quite a bit too, so I didn't mind. I think this was also the shortest walk of my vacation. The bus stop turned out to be closer than I expected so I figured I would just walk that bit more the next day.

And that next day will be our next post and the last walk of this vacation. Until then I wish you all a wonderful and artsy day.