Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Vaction, the long version - Part four of five - Ruurlo Castle

The area my sister lives is also the area I come from originally, and it is known for its many castles. So it's not so surprising that three of my day trips during my vacation were about visiting some of them.

On the sixth day I went to Ruurlo Castle. The castle was bought by a millionaire not very long ago and completely restored and turned into a museum for modern realism, mostly dedicated to the Dutch painter Carel Willink. The grounds are open to everyone now and that makes it possible to take pictures of the castle from just about every angle, which of course I did.

Here's an impression of Ruurlo Castle and its grounds:

I did go inside also, but took no good pictures there. I did try, but it was simply too busy to get anything right. But it is indeed beautifully restored and sets a perfect mood for the paintings and other art that is shown there.
The last picture was taken from inside the castle so there's that. :-)

Well, we just have one more day trip to go before it's back to business as usual. Hope to see you next time. Until then have a wonderful and artsy time!