Thursday, November 16, 2017

Morning Mosaics

My current morning art project is all about mosaics, watercolour mosaics that is. I use a Seawhite of Brighton A4 sized watercolour book. I have used their sketchbooks for years, but this is my first watercolour book of theirs and, as I might have expected, it is excellent!

Doing the mosaics is pretty excellent too, but as I have said before it is very slow going. I often say that a lot of the patterns and art I do is a bit like meditation, but with these that is even more true than usual. Just the act of slowly filling in these little shapes with paint is a perfect way to start a day, especially if that day will consist of lots of other non artsy things. I think this is the biggest reason I am able to keep up with my morning art (I've been doing it for almost 800 days now): it makes me start my day with that which is most important to me. It's like saying to the universe that I put my art first. It's funny how my brain doesn't really function all that great that early in the morning but I somehow still manage to create.

Anyway here are the first five mosaics I did in my current project:

Most of these, well probably all of these, are experiments. What if? And they don't always turn out the way I imagined. I really don't like the first one for example. The third and the fifth are my favorites so far.

But whether I like the end result or not does not really seem to affect how much I enjoy working on them. It almost seems beside the point. It's the art of the process that really comes forward in these paintings and I am very curious where they will take me in the future.

I hope you are doing something fascinating in your neck of the woods and I wish you all a wonderful and artsy day!