Saturday, November 4, 2017

Vacation, the long version - Part five of five - Hackfort Estate

I was born on a farm outside of the town of Vorden. The area there is lovely and Vorden is mostly known for the fact that it has eight castles inside its borders. The one I most fondly remember from the old days is Hackfort Castle. It and the area around it, including a beautiful watermill, always seems to touch my heart just a little bit more than all the other beautiful places in that region.
So whenever I am close by I try to visit the Hackfort Estate and the castle that forms the heart of it.

On the seventh vacation day I biked about 30 kilometers to get there (and back) and took two walks around the estate. Here's an impression of that day.

And with that last day trip my vacation came to an end. It made me a bit sad to have to go home again. Don't get me wrong, I live in an amazing place and I like my life there, but I do get a little homesick sometimes for exactly the kind of landscape that's all around the area my sister lives. And I think when you look at my pictures you  may at least understand a little why.

Farmland, waterways, fields, forests of leaf shedding trees, cows, castles and many other things that are aplenty in the east, simply do not really exist on my beautiful island where it's all about pines, dunes, beach and ocean. Both landscapes are utterly stunning, but they do not seem to come together geographically in my country, so I am always a bit torn between my roots and my current location. If only for that reason I am very fortunate my sister still lives in the east and lets me stay in her house from time to time and no doubt next year I will be staying there again.

But now it's back to my own life on my own island with my own artsy stuff. Hope you enjoyed looking back on my vacation with me and wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.