Sunday, October 29, 2017

Vacation, the long version - Part three of five - Walking around the neighbourhood

On the third and fourth vacation day I did not bring my camera. Not because the places I visited were uninteresting, but because it simply wasn't practical.

The third day I went to the city of Rotterdam with my friend Monique and we visited the Wereldmuseum (world museum) and walked around the area there. We also did a lot of chatting and sitting down to have coffee and show each other our sketchbooks/journals. It was a fun day!

The fourth day I went to the city of Zutphen to do some shopping and visit the market. Unfortunately it was a very rainy day so the market was pretty much non existent, all the salespeople simply stayed home. Luckily the city still has plenty of nice shops to offer so I didn't go home empty handed. 

So neither of those days were really photography trips. But the fifth day I took my camera for a walk again. Because of the four day trips already behind me I was pretty tired and decided to sleep late that day, do a lot of reading on sisters couch, and just take a stroll around the neighbourhood.

My sister lives on the edge of Zelhem and all you have to do a pass a little tunnel and you are in farm land. So the pictures in this post are of the walk I took that day:

As you can see in these pictures there's a lot of water on the fields and sometimes on the roads as well. It was quite a rainy week actually, but I managed mostly to stay dry, so I was pretty lucky. Still, it made for some muddy roads sometimes and dirty shoes!

Hope you liked our little walk around the farm land and look forward to our next trip. Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.