Friday, November 10, 2017

Grid Drawings

When I first started drawing patterns and other abstracts based on grid paper I knew I would enjoy it, but I didn't expect to be doing it for as long as I have. It seems that it just never gets old for me and I'm still finding new ways to implement colours and shapes to form new types of patterns.

Here are some drawings I did in the past few weeks:

In the first one I wanted to experiment with open spaces, which I am somehow always avoiding. Not just in my patterns, but in just about any drawing/art I do. I'm very much a fill-up-the-entire-page-person, so to me this is a challenge. I do like how it turned out though and will definitely try more.

The second and third are very obviously inspired by my current morning project. I have fallen in love with colour gradients and was trying to translate that into these drawings in felttip pens by slowly moving from one colour to the next trying to make interesting effects.

And the last is just a lot of triangles, haha.

As always I do these drawings mostly on my couch while listening to podcasts, often to unwind from a busy day. They are a really good way to calm my mind, and when it's as busy in your head as it is in mine, you can use all the calming you can get!

Hope you enjoyed this peek in my grid sketchbook and wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!