Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sketchcrawl Gouda - the actual sketches

Last post I showed you some pics of the amazing location that was picked for the Sketchcrawl I attended in the city of Gouda. But of course a Sketchcrawl in the end is all about sketching so today I will show you some pages from my journal with the drawings I did that day.

The first two were actually done as a bit of a silly warm up at my friend Monk's house. So they are not really Sketchcrawl sketches. I'm not even sure they are really sketches as such, haha.

On the graveyard itself I did six pages. I brought a simple drawing pad and later pasted them in my journal, since my current journal itself does not really have paper suitable for drawing and sketching much.

What fascinated me most on the graveyard, besides the obvious graves, was the plant life. I think a botanical drawer would have had a field day there, so my first drawings were of a few plants and a grave that was overgrown with them.

Especially the second one took me a lot of time and effort and its the only drawing where I did a sketch in pencil first just to get all those different layers right. I am somewhat proud of it though, just because I actually took the time to do all this.

After that though my patience was wearing thin. I'm not a patient sketcher, especially if I'm not sitting behind a desk on a comfortable chair but on the ground in the blazing hot sun. ;-)

So after this I moved to a cooler spot underneath the trees and did my favorite thing, which is making very quick sketces with a pentel pocket brush. It does not make for admirable drawings, but I think it does show the fun I had making them and they are full of energy.

Despite my pride in the more intricate drawings above, these quicky sketches are my favorites. It shows me you don't really need a lot of time to draw (the thing that always prevents me from doing it more), but can just do quick impressions instead.

Well, that's all I did that day. Hope you liked looking at these and hope you are inspired to do some quicky sketches too. Or maybe you are a more patient person than me and will gladly spend hours on one drawing. (Good luck with that!)

Now, as a little bonus, I want you to meet this guy:

His name is Bob and he's my friend Monk's personal assistant. Just to show you I'm not the only one who has a cute furry assistant around the house. He's about as useless as mine, but  oh well...who can resist hiring a face like that? ;-)

Have a wonderful day all!


  1. Dank je wel voor dit kijkje in je schetsboek. De vlugge schetsen zijn prachtig, vooral de eerste!

  2. Your sketches are vibrant and they really convey the atmosphere of the places you were and of the day.

  3. Lovely sketches, Caatje...the cat ones at the beginning are sweet, and I love the plants growing up around the tombstone. You capture figures wonderfully in your pocket brush sketches. I really enjoy looking at these, and wish I had the courage to try a sketch crawl...or to sketch sitting in my own yard, for that matter!

    1. Oh please do try once, the variety of people and work is so inspiring and they really are of all levels!

  4. Love your sketches Caatje. Especially the cat sketches at the start ... well, of course.
    The detailed sketch of the gravestone and the plants around it is very good and your
    attention to details makes it even more of an eye catcher.

    It would be fun and fascinating to take a book about local plants to the graveyard and
    catalogue or record what you find as well as sketch it.

    As mentioned before ... your friend Monk's cat has a cousin here in Georgetown, Ontario
    by the name of Rupert who is also an able assistant ... especially whenever food is involved
    in the kitchen!!!


    1. Ha! Assistants go international! I knew it! ;-)


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