Friday, January 27, 2012

To verify or not to verify? To verify!

Just a little in between message from me to you.

Those of you who have been commenting on my blog may have noticed I took the word verification off for a while. I know that word verification stumps some people from responding at all (I don't really get this, but so be it), so I figured I would make it easier on you and take the verification off and see how I liked it. After all it seems like more and more people take the verification off and they seem to be faring well.

Well...after about five days of it I can safely say: I don't like it at all! Hello spammers! Blogger has a pretty good spam filter and doesn't publish the spam messages, does send them to my mailbox where I check regularly to see if there are any comments on my blog. It's not fun when you happily open another comment just to find another spam message up there. If it was just once in a while I wouldn't mind so much, but when the amount of spam equals the amount of real comments it becomes pretty annoying.

So commenting blogsy people, you will have to go through the trouble of typing in a fake word (aren't those a hoot?) and clicking on a mouse. It's not rocket science and it really shouldn't take more than a second of your time. Hope you understand.

Finally: if anybody knows of a way to stop blogger from mailing the spam messages to my mailbox while still sending me the real comments I'm open to learning new things, 'cause that would be wonderful. (I don't want to take the sending of comments to my mailbox off completely, because that's how I keep in touch with the comments in the first place.)

And that's it for now, so...get back to being artsy!


  1. Have a look at this blog to see if you can find a way, if you want to, it may be safer to go with word verify;

  2. I suppose they send them to your email so that you can find real comment that may end up in your spam box by mistake. I know that, as a general rule, I prefer blogger blogs without word verification because blogger plays up so much and if you come from another platform, like I do, your comments/ word verification often fail.

  3. If you are getting a lot of spammers Caatje, then I too would be having the word verification on... I don't have it turned on and have only been spammed once in the past 18 months... but as you said... it is not hard... if it is there... you just put the word in :))
    Glad the journal arrived safely too:))

    Jenny x

  4. Het is een ellende - ik weet er alles van. Mijn lief heeft het tot een minimum terug weten te brengen (hij is een computerexpert) en ik zit op WordPress, dus ik zou niet weten hoe je het in blogger op moet lossen... ik heb trouwens nu de meest 'vriendelijke' en snelle 'verification' (mensen hoeven alleen het hokje maar aan te vinken om te zeggen dat ze geen spammer zijn) en ik heb het idee dat dit beter werkt dan die vervelende woordjes te moeten typen - dat gaat nogal eens mis als ik het zelf moet doen ook trouwens...) - tja, Internet... het blijft laveren tussen 'makkelijk' en 'vervelend'

  5. I took verification off and haven't had any problems but I have NO idea why!

  6. I took verification off & have had no probs either, but I don't get them delivered to my inbox so that may be the key. I have blog owner authorisation on so I can approve all comments, but really it's my inbox to keep me from missing any - how about doing it that way? x

  7. I know exactly how you feel. I rarely use my Blogger blog and don't know if it's even turned on there, but my main blog was being spammed (over 100 in one day by one spammer!!), so I went to the capsha words there. Blogger's words are fun. I try to imagine what they might mean if they were real. And they're more legible than some. One site, I generally go through three words before I get one I am able to read correctly. So I have no complaints.

  8. I don't bother with the word verification, and if I get notice that I've received a spam comment, I just delete it and move on. Thankfully, the words we are asked to type in for verification are not difficult to read!

  9. Super lovely blog!



I appreciate each and every comment. They make me really happy. I don't like spammers though and that's why the word verification is turned on. I know it's a pain, but I hope you understand.

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