Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scenes from Vlieland - part three: all those dunes

Often where there's a sea and a beach there are dunes and Vlieland is no exception. In fact one may consider the entire island just a big collection of dunes thrown together. Here's some pretty pictures of the landscape.

Kooisplek - when there's been much rain the water forms pools like this.

One of the many sandy pathways that lead to the beach

It's winter, all the bushes and trees are bare.

Except for the pines of course.

This is basically how the entire island looks when it's not cultivated.

Just endless rows of dunes with a bush here and there.

I love the dead trees in the middle of this picture.

When the water is frozen in winter, some people will skate here.

On one of my last posts Teri asked if I used some photo-editing program for these photo's. Nope. These are simply the effects that the app RetroCamera gives to them all by itself. You can pick different settings and than it's just point and shoot with no influence at all. The only editing I do is making the pictures smaller so they don't take up so much memory space and download faster.

Hope you enjoyed this segment of our tour! Tomorrow we will visit the woods!


  1. Caatje, I think you have some very faint rainbows in the sky just above those "dead trees" you like. :-)

  2. I am really enjoying your photos! Beautiful scenery there. It must be a wonderful place to see.

  3. Very cool tour of your island these last three posts. Hope there's more!

  4. Your photos look fabulous. Lots of journal fodder there ;-)


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