Monday, November 28, 2011

Closing the atlas

I've been missing in action for a week. Well...action. Lack of action is more like it. Sometimes we can want all sorts of things, but our bodies simply won't allow it. That was the case with  me last week.

My neck muscles were so cramped up it felt like a chore just to hold my head up to keep it from falling off!

I was suffering from vertigo and headaches and this left me feeling so dazed I decided to take a few hours off every day, just to get some rest. This has been going on and off for a while now.

I suffer from migraines and they can cause the same symptoms, but then it's usually done with after a few days. Now, it just won't let go. Very very annoying! :-(

Last week it was so bad that I went to see my doctor. All these things are probably tied to each other. It also turned out my ears were clogged up (which can affect your balance), so I had to have those washed out this morning. I've had water in my ears all day, but it sure feels clean in there! ;-)

The cramp in my neck muscles can also cause the dizzyness, and measuring my blood pressure also showed differences between sitting up and lying down and that may be the cause too. In short...we're just guessing here. If it keeps up I might need physical therapy for my neck.

All in all it was not fun. But I am feeling somewhat better now and most importantly my head feels clearer. Like I can actually think again. So...let's take this opportunity to show you the final pages of my atlas!

I finished the atlas about ten days ago (and have already started my next journal, but that's something for another post). It was wonderful and sad at the same time to close this amazing book.

I've had such fun working in this journal and it was a completely new format for me. It even inspired me to do my three parter easy peasy journaling tutorial!

It was my steady companion for four and a half months! But no book can last forever. So I finished the last page and also made an opening page (I saved that for last). The inside covers are perfect for storing loose items I want to keep.

As you can see I dubbed it the US Postal book, because as you may remember the cover was made from a US Postal bag. You can see it here.

The next atlas is already waiting to be prepped, so this will not be my last atlas. I already look forward to altering another big book to use as my journal. Let's hope I keep feeling better and can get some work done this week!

Wishing you all a wonderful artsy week!


  1. Oei, wat naar om te lezen dat je je zo slecht gevoeld hebt. Ik hoop dat je je snel beter en beter gaat voelen. Sterkte toegewenst en een dikke knuffel. Je journal ziet er trouwens weer geweldig uit. Wat is het toch heerlijk om zo'n uitlaatklep te hebben. Ik doe dit nu bijna 2 jaar, bijna onafgebroken, en ik kan me haast niet voorstellen hoe het is om geen journal te hebben om aan te werken. Volgens mij kan jij dat gevoel wel ;-)

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your dizziness. It takes a while for your ears to recover after that -- so give it a week or so. My mom had something similar and it got better, but slowly.

    Loved seeing your final journal pages. It's always sad to finish one up.

  3. ervelend dat je je zo naar voelde, maar wow... wat heb je weer een geweldige pagina's gemaakt! Super werk.

    xx Tessa

  4. I was wondering what had happened to you! I'm sorry you are suffering so much with your ears, neck, and migraines; I hope you will be able to find some relief. What an achievement to "close the book" on your atlas! It looks great, and I look forward to seeing what you will be working on next!

  5. Beterschap Caatje!!! Rustig aan, zorg goed voor jezelf.
    En wat is je atlas journal prachtig! Een feest om naar te kijken.
    Liefs uit Gouda.

  6. Oh my gosh Caatje... your journal pages are absolutely fabulous... all so wonderful... and loved that you used an atlas... awesome...
    Hope you are feeling better...

    Have a happy day
    Jenny x

  7. What a fabulous journal! It all looks so wonderful, I bet you can't wait to start the next one! I do hope you are feeling better. I get plugged up ears too that makes be feel dizzy, usually related to environmental seasonal allergies. I know it's no fun.

  8. ik hoop dat je je nu alweer iets beterder voelt Caatje.. veel beterschap.. dank voor het mogen meegenieten van je atlas.. het was een fijne journey.. ik ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe werk..
    groet van Laura


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