Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tree love

Why am I so fascinated by trees in winter? I like trees with leafs on them too, but not as much as I like them without. There's something so beautifully desolate about them that I just can't resist.

When I encounter a beautiful leafless tree I just have to take a picture of it:

Sometimes even the shadow of it's branches is enough to get me all swept away:

And if there's a bonus of black birds, well, that's just enough to make my day:

But I'm not too choosy, branches without birds will do fine as well:

And as if the outside world does not offer enough barren trees, I need to make some of my own too:

Conclusion: a life can never have too many trees! ;-)


  1. I have a huge things for trees too.

  2. Caatje, ik heb precies dezelfde "afwijking".... Hoezeer ik ook verlang naar de lente - die kale bomen vind ik zó mooi!

  3. Caatje, I am also a lover of bare trees, which we don't get much of here in Florida. I really admire your photos and your artwork. If you've never read Annie Dillard's "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek", I think you would find her thoughts on trees and nature fascinating.

  4. Excellent photography! I personally love the photo of a tree with black birds dwelling on it. Its background, which is a combination of blue and green, is breathtaking! :)


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