Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In waiting of work to be finished

It's almost ironic how not so long ago I wrote about the art making process and how I usually work on one thing at a time. See, now that I am having several work stations I have been trying out the other approach of working on more than one thing and I am liking it very much, but...I have so little to show for it yet.

I am working on four mixed media canvasses around my little houses. I am working on two journal spreads, which will be the last in my heart journal which is practically full. And I have just recently joined iHanna's postcards swap which is putting me in the direction of trying sewn postcards, which means, yes, I have started using my brand new sewing room. I am having a wonderful time doing all these things and I am working really hard at them, but nothing is finished yet.

The only thing I did finish last week is the following journal page:

It's an altered magazine photo on a background of neocolor. It was a little something to pass the time while waiting for something else. Just like this blogpost!