Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Art supply loot

Yesterday I had to go to the hospital on the main land for some blood testing. Nothing serious, just a regular check up. I don't like needles and I don't like to get my blood drawn, mostly because apparently I have some sort of invisible vein that makes it hard for the attending nurse to find any blood at all and sometimes has people searching with a needle in a way I would not want to recommend to anyone. Luckily I had a nurse who knew her limits and didn't start poking around in case she might get lucky. She immediately went and got a more experienced colleague and that made all the difference. I was done in no time.

After that I deserved a treat and wouldn't you know there's a very cheap store near the hospital that my Dutch readers will know called Action. They sell all sorts of stuff, but I always go there for the papers and crafting supplies. So I went in and threw one thing after another in my basket. Here's my loot:

I bought many many paper pads. Several of each, because this is the kind of store where if you go the next time what you saw last time has vanished into thin air. So if you see something you really like you have to buy more of it. Luckily the prices are such that this is no problem.  Next to all that paper I bought some rub ons, some transfer paper, a glue roller, lots of decorative tape with lace designs on it, some black duct tape and yes, a mini paint roller which I thought would be fun to use for background painting. 

To give you an idea of the prices: the square paper pads are 15x15 cm (6x6 inches). In a scrapbook store here in the Netherlands such a pad would set you back about 5 to 7 euro's. Truth be told the paper in the more expensive pads is usually of somewhat thicker quality (not always), but since I use pretty papers mostly for collage the thinner paper is actually easier to handle and it's not like it's really flimsy or anything. Anyway. One of those pads costs 69 eurocents. So ten of these will set you back just as much as one pad in an expensive store! I think that's so cool that I could do a happy dance! 

In the end I came home with a big bag full of art supplies and some other none artsy stuff that's not even in the picture. The receipt was very long, but the total amount I had to pay was only 25 euro's. Knowing I got so much for so little just made my day. Yes, sometimes it's the really mundaine stuff that makes me really happy ;-)