Thursday, March 17, 2011

iHanna's postcard swap - part one

It was one of those split second decisions to join the wonderfully creative iHanna's 2011 postcard swap. The minute I joined I just had to get started right away. Luckily I had just finished my little sewing room, so this project will go down in history as the first project I will complete in that room.'s not completed yet. That's why this is part one, see?

If you want to know more about iHanna or her swap please visit her site which is absolutely fabulous. Inspiration galore! If you want to know more about the swap itself you can click the button on my sidebar.

Anyway, here's the first five cards I made. They totally spring from left over inspiration from Mary Ann Moss' ROD class about which there is also information on the sidebar. Who knew sewing paper would be so much fun? Some credit also goes to Traci Bautista who through her lovely book 'Collage Unleashed' introduced me to the possibility of sewing paper with a sewing machine in the first place.

I think you can call these cards machine stitched collages. No glue whatsoever was used. What you can't see very well in the scans is how for instance the butterfly wings stand loose from the card which gives them a wonderful 3D effect. The photographs on te cards are fragments of bigger photographs that I took which just proves you shouldn't throw away lousy pictures. Most (not all) show scenery from my island. The ticket stubs, with which I am absolutely in love, are by Tim Holz.

Five cards down, five to go. Well, actually I only have two cards to go, but for the sake of balance I thought I would divide the ten evenly between two posts. So, the other five will be on my next post. Until then!