Friday, November 27, 2020

Colored pencil gradients in my black book

I started a black papered dotted journal/sketchbook a while back and it is very interesting to  play in it with different materials. After doing a few patterns in gel pen I decided to try some colored pencil.

I have the full set of 120 polychromos from Faber Castell and I love playing with the gradients of the colors as they appear in the box. So I did a few spreads just following the order as they are presented by the manufacturer. It was also a good way to test every color on black paper.

The effect of colored pencil on black paper is really beautiful, but also very difficult to photograph correctly. At least the pictures give an impression of the reality of it, but in real life it is actually even more lovely.

In any case working in this book is interesting and I look forward to exploring and experimenting with it further. 

Hope you are changing things up from time to time and wishing your a wonderful and artsy day.