Thursday, November 5, 2020

A week on the island; part one of two

So after my week in sisters house, I still had one more week off work which I spent at home on my island. You can say I had two staycations of which only one was actually in my own home. 

I did pretty much the same as I did away from home: writing, reading, drawing, napping and walking. The latter is of course the subject of this and my next post.

 Here are some pictures of Vlieland in the second week of October.


The weather during this second vacation week was definitely somewhat better than at my sisters, but still quite changeable. The other difference of course was that I had no dog to take with me and didn't have to take her into account, so I could walk a bit further and that was nice. 

And being away from home,  no matter how beautiful it was, always makes me appreciate the island more. All these wide open spaces without any traffic are just delightful.

Hope you are finding some beauty in your neighbourhood and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.