Sunday, November 22, 2020

Around here lately

Time for another selection of everyday pictures from my everyday life as seen through my eyes and my camera phone.

A lonely hollyhock in our main street.

Signs of autumn.

After a year of saving I splurged on an iPad pro! Damn, those things are expensive! But I love it!

Less of a splurge, but still lovely, new slippers.

My journal kit for going on vacation at the beginning of October.

A Sunday morning, a cat and a magazine, what more do you need?

Picking out inks for fall journaling.

A very dark morning begged me to light all my candles.

When you can't sleep because your thoughts are driving you crazy.

Waiting time put to good use by sitting in the library in Leeuwarden. It used to be a prison!

I took part in a three day workshop program that was put up to make up for the huge craft supply fair Kreadoe not happening this year. It was fun, but I hope next year sister and I can go again.

Early for a cancer checkup, so I sat in the sun for a while. This is the train station of Leeuwarden. All was well by the way. Next check up in February.

The supervisor at work in the early morning.

Life is good in general, but I have to admit that sometimes corona measures are starting to annoy me. I would like to go on day trips again, visit family and friends, go shopping for fun instead of necessities, and just feel a little less confined. But then again I am lucky to live on an island with lots of nature and space to be outside and all my needs are basically met. And of course I'm also lucky that so far corona itself has not found me or my loved ones. It could be worse. 

Hope you are all doing okay in your neck of the woods and that you are managing to keep appreciating the good stuff. Wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.