Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Morning Collages

My current morning art project continues. Every morning I work in my A5 cahier style sketchbook for half an hour so I can fill it with collages.

I am really enjoying focusing on a very specific technique for my morning art. I'm already thinking of what my next morning project will be, as when I write this post I am not all that far from finishing the sketchbook (six pages to go for me, still ten collages to show for you). I think what I still like the most about he whole art in the morning thing is how almost sneakily with just half an hour a day you can fill page after page and book after book. A little bit a day goes a long long way indeed.

Here are five more collages I finished recently:

Simplify your life

Rose coloured

Your life

You are beautiful inside & out

But you could also chose this

I like picking an mixing the images and other elements, but I also like experimenting with different backgrounds. As with all the art I prefer to do, it's more play than anything. I don't think I am  made for the deep and conceptual when it comes to my art. I'm more about experimenting, playing with imagery, shapes and colours until I form a picture that is to my liking. And as long as that makes me happy I will keep doing it that way. It's art with a little A.  :-)

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.