Friday, May 12, 2017

Grids, grids, grids

My love for grids continues. By that I mean grid paper (or squared paper as Moleskine calls it) that I can use as a guide for patterns and what I call grid drawings. I have two Moleskine squared books, one is the 'large' size, which isn't really that large and handy for on the go, and one is the 'extra large size', which really is quite large and is only used at home.

The following pages are from the extra large one:

Recently I have been combining my love for grids with a new addiction, which is listening to podcasts. I know there are people out there who can doodle while watching a movie or something, but I am not one of those, which is a pity because I love Netflix. Unfortunately I cannot combine two visual things and concentrate on them. But while I'm drawing simple shapes and colouring it is very possible for me to listen to somebody talking about interesting things or telling fascinating stories.

So now you can regularly find me on the couch with a sketchbook in my lap and ear phones in my ear while I play with colours and find out about things I never even really thought about. It's a very satisfying combination. Also, what could be better than being able to combine two time consuming things in a world where there never seems enough time?

So...if you have any tips on good podcasts, I am ;-)

Wishing you a wonderful and artsy day!