Friday, May 26, 2017

Take a walk on the west side

I live on a small island. It's about 26 km long and an average of 2 km wide (it ranges from 500 m to about 3 km). And yet I only go to the west side every now and then. It's mostly because it's more practical to walk on the east side, since that is where the town is where I live. Going to the west side takes a bus ride (I don't drive) or an extra long walk and both make it a bit of a day trip to do, since I am without a bike right now.

That being said, the other side of the island is even more gorgeous than the area where I live (if such a thing is possible). So when I do go that way I always  make sure to take an idiotic amount of photographs.

Last week I took the extra time to walk around the area called Kroonspolders and I thought you might like a peek at the place too.

Whenever I walk there I am always scolding myself a little for not going that way more often, but on the other hand, this way it remains a special treat to visit that area. Not that I ever get tired of the beauty of the place I live, but the east side is a lot more familiar to me than the west side, so it feels 'fresher' or 'newer' if you know what I mean.

I truly am fortunate to live in this amazing place and I am very much aware of my own privilege for doing so.

I hope you are surrounded by beauty in one way or another wherever you live and I wish you a wonderful and artsy weekend.