Thursday, September 3, 2015

Morning Paintings #181-190

Time for another batch of Morning Paintings. The higher the number of paintings gets, the more abstract it feels to me. For instance I recently passed the 200 mark and it just feels like that can't be right. Except that it is. If I say it out loud to myself I may actually believe it. Maybe... ;-)

Here are paintings no. 181 to 190.

#181 - Overload

#182 - Triangles

#183 - Mostly Triangles and Some Ink

#184 - Sunshine

#185 - Sometimes...

#186 - Yellow Flowers

#187 - Mail Order Catalogue Girl

#188 - Mail Order Catalogue Girl

#189 - Mandala

#190 - Scallop Pattern

The titles of the paintings I always write down with the date and sometimes even a specific remark about the how or why of the painting. Since I work in small photoalbums I can use the protective sheets between the actual pages for this. I like how by doing this I keep a very simple record of the process of these paintings.

These paintings also mark the start of my fifth painting sketchbook, so I'm starting to build up quite a collection of small books full of paintings, which is fun in and of itself.

Hope you enjoyed this batch of paintings and wish you a wonderful and artsy day!