Monday, August 31, 2015

The Spiral Book (aka the new journal)

It feels a little silly to put 'the new journal' as a heading to this post, because actually I have been working in my current journal for almost two months already and it is getting very full and pretty close to the finish line. But it's new for you, so what else can I say?

The 'new' journal looks like this:

It is a very basic spiral bound sketchbook. The original cover has the orange quarter circle on it, but the rest of the decoration is mine. I turned it into a quarter mandala. ;-)

The book is slightly wider than a landscape A5 and I am absolutely in love with this size and also with the paper in it, which is a really nice white sketchbook paper that will take a lot of wet media.

Now the problem is that I have only seen this sketchbook once in the department store where I bought it and never again and I don't know what brand it is either. When I bought it there were only two there, and I'm still very sorry I didn't by the other one as well, because this book suits me very very nicely. So this is a call out to all of you (especially the Dutchies): if you recognize this book or know where I can get it online, please tell me, because I want about 300 of these! ;-)

Anyway, here are some spreads from my current journal that I have dubbed The Spiral Book, because I'm original like that.

The atc and the tape in this spread were a gift from Lynn Bishop.

As with the former journal, The Canson Book, this journal is a lot of photography and writing and just a little decoration, but I have done some art in it and actually I plan to do a specific post on a specific kind of art I've done in this book sometime next week.

As you can see sometimes I use the journal as is and sometimes I flip it sideways, whatever feels more comfortable at the time, and I use many different coloured pens for writing. I hardly ever use spiral bound journals, so this is a new thing for me and I am quite enjoying it. I do protect the spiral and the book by carrying it around in a simple tote, because spiral bound books have a tendency to get damaged more easily. So far this is working well.

I hope you liked this peek in my journal and I wish you all a wonderful and artsy day!