Saturday, September 12, 2015

200 Morning Paintings!

Every fifty paintings I feel like I have reached a new milestone in my morning painting practice. So reaching 200 paintings several weeks ago was a big deal, even though the higher the number of paintings I do gets, the more abstract it seems to me. See, I'm not doing 200 paintings or 300 or even 100. I'm just doing one little painting a day. I could never do 200 paintings, but just filling one page every day, yes, I can do that. It's all in the mind, haha.

Anyway, here are ten more paintings in my ongoing practice of painting daily before anything else.

#191 - Triangle Pattern

#192 - Branch

#193 - Leafs

#194 - Heart(s) on a String

#195 - Heartbroken

#196 - Rainbow Mosaics

#197 - Chevron

#198 - Flowers on Green

#199 - Abstract Nonsense

#200 - Twohundred Paintings

Numbers 194 and 195 have special meaning to me, because they were done the morning before and the morning after I had to have my sweet cat assistant Peer euthanised. Sometimes real life shows through in the painting practice and real life is not always fun. But what is art for if not to express your emotions?

I hope you enjoyed this new lot of paintings and I hope you are doing something wonderfully artsy this weekend! Have a good one!