Monday, September 21, 2015

A weekend getaway - day two

While I am on vacation for free in my sisters house I am showing you a photographic impression of my weekend getaway to the island of Schiermonnikoog a couple of weeks ago.

Today we'll focus on the second day I was there (Saturday). I went on two walks, carefully avoiding the rain showers that fell down from time to time. In hindsight it is quite amazing I hardly got soaked, except on the first day when I went grocery shopping. The good thing about the weather was that when it was dry the skies were just amazing and the sun was extra appreciated, haha.

Here's some of my favorite pics of the second day.

"Tell it to the wind."

As you can see the island has two lighthouses. Well, it used to. The red one is still functioning as a lighthouse and the grey/white one is a remnant of the past when it was a lighthouse too.

In the forest you could really tell that there have been some heavy storms in the past few years. Walking around the pines was a bit creepy, everything was creaking and leaning into each other. I had this feeling that if I were to push one they would all fall down domino style. ;-)

All in all a very enjoyable second day though. I hope you enjoyed it with me and I wish you a wonderful and artsy day.