Friday, August 28, 2015

Walking Pictures (and a big thank you)

Hello my blogsy people. It has been a while, longer than I expected. The passing of my assistant hit me pretty hard. I want to thank you all for the wonderful sweet comments, mails, messages and other signs of sympathy I received. I was pretty overwhelmed by your kindness both here on the blog and on Facebook. I was even more overwhelmed by the fact that I received several snail mails in my mailbox from some of you. I cannot express how much I appreciate it all, so thank you, thank you, thank you. You all warm my heart.

I'm slowly getting on with life. I've decided to stay catless for a little while, but eventually I'm sure I will hire another assistant. I just want to get over this one first. I've lost cats before and it's never easy, but I'm finding it especially hard this time, because he simply was not an old cat yet and it feels really unfair that we did not get more time together. Still, as the cliche states: life goes on. It really does.

It's time to pick up the blog again. It was good to be away from it for a while, but I feel it's also instrumental in getting my life back to normal again. So I thought I'd start with a selection of some off my most recent walking picures. Hope you enjoy!

All these pictures were taken on the island, except the last one. That was taken in the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen that I got to visit with my coworkers on an group outing last Wednesday. The museum showcases an oldfashioned fishing town and is very picturesque. Most of the day was spend playing a puzzle game together with all kinds of assignments (big fun!), so I did not have a lot of time for photography, but that just means I will have to return some day soon and bring my camera, right?

Here on the island the busy season is slowly starting to come to an end. School vacations will be over in two days, then next weekend we'll have the annual music and art festival Into The Great Wide Open and after that we will have what is called the after season, where there will still be tourists, but the overflow of them will be gone, yay!

Hope everything is well wherever you are and I wish you a wonderful and artsy weekend!