Thursday, January 15, 2015

This season's Midwinter Book

It's become a bit of a personal tradition to do a special journal around the holidays. I call it the Midwinter Book. It's not like a lot of pretty holiday journals I see online, it's often more about writing than anything else, but I like the idea of having a book that is centered around my time offlline in the middle of the winter (even if  again we have no winter to speak of this year, sigh).

I chose a store bought pretty notebook that I got last June with one of the many gift certificates I got for my birthday. It's very cute and was also very portable to take with me everywhere I went:

Most of the spreads look like below. Lots of writing and some stickers for decoration. I won't bore you with all of those spreads. The writing is mostly too personal anyway, haha.  

And here's a selection of the more visual pages:


I did not do a lot of arting in my vacation, most of it was quick sketches and collages and some bits and bobs here and there. My christmas vacation is mostly meant for reflecting and such and I did do a lot of that, but it does not make for pretty pictures. 

I did take a lot of photographs in my vacation and most of the visual pages in this book look like the above spread with the photos on it, but I will show you a selection of the best pictures directly in seperate posts, like I did in the previous seals post. They look better that way, especially since the light is abysmal right now for taking pics of a journal (as you can see by the grainy quality of the above shots).

Anyway, the book is full now and I'm back to my regular journal, good old Flora. ;-) 

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my Midwinter Book and I wish you all a lovely and artsy day!