Saturday, January 24, 2015

Collage Book Pages

It seems that last year I have been starting up a lot of books that are focused on specific techniques. I started a book with collage compositions, a book for doodling, a book for sketching and drawing and not so long ago I also started a book for collages with imagery from magazines and such, which means they are more representational than the abstract collage compositions in the other book.

I am liking the idea of having books that have a certain type of art in them. It makes for very pleasant books to look through and it also feels as if I have a place to go to no matter what I want to do. Somehow a book with all sorts of stuff in it, as lovely as that is too, makes me feel more scattered than having books that are focused on one thing. Except the journal of course, that will always be a mismatch of all sorts of stuff.

But today I want to show you some pages from my new Collage Book. Yes, that's what it's called, as always I'm very original and resourceful when it comes to my book names. ;-)

The book is a moleskine extra large cahier. The paper is flimsy, but that doesn't matter since I'm making it thicker by sticking stuff on it anyway.

Here are the first three collages I did in this book:

I personally like the second one the best. I think I went overboard on the third one. I'm not a minimalist, but even I can go too far sometimes, haha.

The techniques are mixed. I used magazine images, stickers, stencils, pens and coloured pencils and I also put a piece of coloured paper in the background. It's a lot of fun to mix and match all kinds of things into one coherent page (well, coherent to me anyway).

It will be years before any of these technique books are full, but that's okay. It will show me the progress of my techniques and skills over the years which is a nice side effect of this way of working.

Hope you enjoyed these first collages and I wish you a wonderful and artsy weekend!