Sunday, November 9, 2014

KreaDoe 2014

Once a year I get to go all out when it comes to shopping for art supplies and it was that time again last Friday. Time for the annual visit my sister and I take to the KreaDoe, which is a arts & crafts supply fair that is held in Utrecht every fall.

Even though I do buy some stuff during the year here and there, this is the only time where I allow myself to just buy for the fun of it. I save coins all year long and just before I leave I exchange them for paper money and you'd be surprised how much that can ad up to. ;-)

In case you are wondering how big this fair is, here's a floor plan:

It's two big halls. Every little number on the floor plan is a different stall, so do your math. It's a couple of hundred stalls in total I think. It takes us all day to walk this thing and afterwards we are pretty much done for. But it's so worth it!

So, without further ado, here's an impression of this years KreaDoe!

As I said, the above is just an impression. It's impossible to show you everything that is for sale at this place and often it's impossible to take pictures, because it's just too busy to get a good shot. Let's just say that just about any craft you can think of is represented here in some way.

So, did I get something?

Are you kidding me? Of course I did! Lookit:

I mostly bought paper goods (I even found some yupo paper, which is hard to come by here) and then two stamps, some tapes, some stencils, some ribbon and a book. Two days after and I'm still having buyer's high! It's a good thing this fair is only once a year, or I'd just go broke and my house would explode. ;-)

By now everything has found a place in my house and will at some point be part of stuff I make. Some right away and some may take years. That's just how it works with me. I like options and that's how I keep the creativity flowing.

I hope you all enjoyed this little photo impression and if you ever visit a fair like this, keep the following in mind: shopping for art supplies makes you hungry!

Sister and me at our most sane. ;-)

 Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day!