Sunday, November 30, 2014

From the Sketchboook

My sketchbook is a big Fabriano Venezia one that measures about 9x12 inches (23x30 cm). I love the paper in it and I love drawing and sketching in it.

Sometimes I take it with me outside on my walks and sometimes I sit with it at my worktable. Here are some of my latest pages:

Parts of these spreads you may have already seen in other posts, but I thought it might be nice to get the full picture. As you can see not everything is picture perfect (just look at those horses, haha).

The first two spreads are the result of my walks and the last spread is done after my favorite source for models: a mail order catalogue. ;-) I'm not too crazy about the girl on the left, but I like how the right one turned out. In the end it's the practice that matters to me, so I like having both of them in there.

I hope you are sketching or painting or doing something else wonderfully artsy in your neck of the woods!