Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tall Ships Races 2014 - part one of two

This weekend the port town of Harlingen hosts the start of the Tall Ships Races 2014. I had the good fortune to spend a day among the boats, the different harbours and the many more pretty sights that Harlingen has to offer.

The ships that compete are enormous sail boats, where often young people are being trained to be professional sailors. The cool part was that you could go on board too and get a close look at all the little details (and the big ones!). I'd never even seen such big ships, let alone been aboard one!

This post and the next one will give you an impression of both the ships and the town of Harlingen, because of course I brought my camera so I could take you all with me. (Okay, I mostly did it for me, but we can share them, I'm not stingy.)

Hope you enjoy these pics.

You can probably see I have an absolute fascination for all the lines that the many ropes make  and also for all the little bits and bobs that come with these ships. I can't get enough of them. I'm sure it somehow connects to my love for patterns.

Next post will have another selection of pics for you. Until then I wish you a wonderful and artsy day.