Thursday, July 3, 2014


Last weekend I got to visit Amsterdam with two local friends. The weather was lovely, the city was beautiful and after just two days we were exhausted from running around trying to see as much a possible.

Of course I didn't get to see as much as I would like and I certainly didn't really get to explore any museums (but that's better for me to do alone anyway), but we did go on many canal buses (a hop on hop off boat that takes you by all the sights), saw a lot of cute shops and markets, beautiful buildings and had ourselves a very good time.

Here's a little photographic impression of the weekend.

I also had myself  little (big) bonus when we got to the hotel. Turns out they had overbooked all the regular rooms. Now we already had ourselves a discount for those (connections connections), so we were already staying there dirt cheap. But now they upgraded me to the royal suite for free!

This is about a third of the entire suite.

It was pure decadence. The room had a bath tub that would drown about three regular bathtubs, so of course I spent that one night in luxurious bubbles. There were complementary bath robes and such too.  It was wonderful! It also had a sitting area with a comfortable couch and a big terrace with a wonderful view.  I later found out how much this suite costs and my jaw pretty much dropped. I guess now I know how the other half lives. Okay, maybe not the millionaires, but still.... ;-)

After this short visit I am now planning a longer stay in Amsterdam somewhere in the fall, hopefully October. I want to rent an appartment then, but we'll have to see how the finances are at that time. I am looking forward though to exploring this city at a slower speed and taking the time to see the wonderful museums.  I'll let you know if and when that happens, and  I will take you with me of course.

For now I wish you all a wonderful and artsy day!