Friday, July 19, 2013

Photography Friday

It's Photography Friday again! Time for another peek through the lens of my smart phone at what I encounter on a day to day basis. Enjoy!

Summer vacations are upon us and so are boats lying right on the sand at low tide.

Attention! Crossing ducks!

A beauty I regularly encounter on my walks.

A bumble bee exploring a rose. Yes, you are looking at the bumble bee's butt!

Trees revealing the Wadden Sea.

Everything is late in blooming this year, but these are pretty.

The structure of this clay/mud led to many a photograph.

A view at the dunes from the edge of the forest.

I took several of these too. The silhouettes of these trees against the sky. Sigh...

And of course there has to be at least one picture of a pond.

Preferably two.

Or three.

Research for a very ambitious project that scares me to death. Don't ask.

I so rarely show images from my job. This is beautiful century old penmanship.

Oh, and have I mentioned the pond already? ;-)

And that's all I have this time around. Ha ha ha ha (insert sarcastic laughter here) that's the biggest lie ever. There were over 200 photo's on my phone, but I figured that might be too much even for you photography lovers. ;-) Everything in a little moderation, right? Do hope you like these continuing peeks through my eyes though, because I cannot stop taking snapshots of...well...everything.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend, make it a good one!