Friday, July 26, 2013

From the White Book

High time I showed some journal pages again from my daily journal.

My White Book is being worked in regularly on my days off and I allow myself to leave it aside on my working days. So I don't  really journal every day anymore, but it's okay. I do still enjoy the process and I do keep writing and filling spreads and that's the most important thing.

This journal has a lot of pages. I think I'm about a little over half way through now. I am already thinking about what will come after this though. I have my heart set on an altered book again, but I haven't really decided yet. I do feel the draw of prepping a book for journaling though, so that's a telling sign. I have some likely candidates laying ready for this purpose so I can start any minute. Luckily I still have some time to think about it. ;-)

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!